About Brian

The right choice for Harris County Judge.

Brian Warren is running for judge of the 209th Criminal District Court of Harris County, Texas. A New Yorker by birth he chose to make his home in Houston, Texas where he has lived for the last 17 years, married his Texan wife and has 2 children.

Mr. Warren graduated from James Madison University in Virginia with a Bachelors of Business Administration in 1997 and received his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio in 2001.  He started his professional career as an Assistant District Attorney with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in 2001 and spent 5 years prosecuting cases on behalf of the citizens of Harris County.

In 2006 he started his own criminal defense practice and has handled thousands of cases including those involving murder, bank robbery, complex white-collar fraud, and every level of drug offense. He has appeared before each of the 22 felony district courts, the 16 county courts at law at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, and numerous federal courts in Texas and Louisiana where he has tried over 75 jury trials and many more court trials.  His entire legal career has been dedicated to the practice of criminal law.  He has fought for justice on both sides of the bar for victims of crime and for those accused of crimes.

He is experienced, knowledgeable and has the judicial temperament to serve the community of Harris County fairly.  All who appear in his court will have an attentive and dedicated judge who administers justice impartially.

Why I am Running

I am running for Judge to assure everyone their day in court – to allow the state of Texas and the victims of crime as well as those who stand accused of crimes the opportunity to be heard.  I believe in the fair and efficient administration of justice.  I believe in courts that are open five days a week.  I believe that judges should be assessed by their work ethic, their temperament, and their compassion towards those who appear before them.

I have spent my legal career dedicated to the pursuit of justice, first as an assistant district attorney and more recently as a criminal defense attorney.  Thus, I have stood on both sides of the aisle to represent the victims of serious crimes as well as to prosecute those accused of crimes.  I have commiserated with the parents of lost love ones as a prosecutor seeking justice for them, and stood in defense of those accused of serious crimes.  Having seen both sides of the criminal justice system has shaped who I am today and determines how I will be able to dispense justice in a fair and equitable manner.

The passion and energy which I devoted previously to these endeavors I will now bring in full force to the bench.